Two Pole Suspended Permanent Magnets

Two Pole Suspended Magnets are placed above open conveyors to arrest ferrous objects and fines found in grains, feed stuffs, raw and processed products, dry chemicals, salt, ceramics, Clinkers in Cement Industry, Coal conveying in power plants and many other products.

  • Flux density: 1500 ± 200 gauss.
  • Flux density: 1500 ± 200 gauss.
  • Attraction Distance: For M10 x 100 mm Length MS bolt Upto 300mm/12inches, If the free path is available.
  • Height of Suspension magnet is 245mm
  • The maximum operating temperature of 250 Degree C.
  • In all suspension magnets, best grade St. Ferrite magnets are used for construction.
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