Tesla Meter/Gauss Meter

The modern version of the Tesla Magnetometer is known as a Tesla Meter. A Tesla Meter can measure the direction and the intensity of small (relatively) magnetic fields. The most important part of the Tesla Meter, the Hall probe, is usually flat to make it the best to measure transverse magnetic fields.

  • High resolution mode accuracy in measurement of DC magnetic flux density improved
  • Frequency covering range in measurement of AC magnetic flux density expanded.(40 - 500 Hz)
  • Sampling speed in HOLD mode increased by 1.5 times.
  • Continuous operation time by use of a battery improved by 20% (130 hours → 160 hours).
  • 3-way power supply usable: battery, AC adapter and USB feed.
  • Digital output of measured data to PC by use of USB.
  • Measurement commands controllable from PC by use of USB.
  • PC free sample software renewed completely
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