Magnetic Lifters 2times FOS

Magnetic lifters, also known as magnetic lifting devices or magnetic lift systems, are specialized lifting tools used to handle and transport ferromagnetic materials. Magnetic lifters have a fixed magnetic field and do not require an external power source, making them simpler in design. Magnetic lifters offered by have a lifting capacity ranging from 400kg to 5tons. Here's a breakdown of the lifting capacity options you mentioned:
Minimum Capacity: 400kg
Maximum Capacity: 5 tons (or 5000kg)
It's important to note that these lifting capacities refer to the maximum weight the magnetic lifters can handle safely. When considering a magnetic lifter for a specific application, it's crucial to ensure that the lifter's lifting capacity matches or exceeds the weight of the intended load.

  • Manufacturing and Fabrication: Magnetic lifters are commonly used in manufacturing and fabrication industries to handle metal sheets, plates, beams, pipes, and other ferromagnetic components. They help streamline material handling processes and improve efficiency.
  • Construction: Magnetic lifters find applications in construction sites for lifting and positioning steel structures, beams, columns, and other metal elements. They facilitate the safe and efficient installation of metal components during construction projects.
  • Warehousing and Logistics: Magnetic lifters are employed in warehouses and logistics operations for handling and transporting metal products and materials. They aid in loading and unloading operations, as well as organizing and stacking metal items.
  • Scrap Metal Industry: Magnetic lifters play a crucial role in the scrap metal industry. They are used to efficiently separate and handle ferromagnetic materials from non-magnetic waste, simplifying the sorting and recycling processes.
  • Metal Recycling: Magnetic lifters are employed in metal recycling facilities to lift, transport, and process ferrous metals. They assist in material separation and preparation for further recycling processes.
  • Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries
  • Automotive and Machinery Manufacturing
  • Mining and Extractive Industries
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