Magnetic Grill

Magnetic grills are magnetic separators that are commonly used to remove ferrous contaminants from free-flowing materials in various industries, such as food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, and plastics. The grills consist of a series of magnetic tubes that are arranged parallel to each other and mounted in a frame. When the material flows through the grill, the ferrous particles are attracted to the magnetic tubes and held there, while the non-magnetic material passes through.
Low-Intensity Magnetic Grill
Medium Intensity Magnetic Grill
High-Intensity Magnetic Grill
Super High-Intensity Magnetic Grill
Customized Round Magnetic Grill

  • Height of the Magnetic Grill is 35mm
  • Customized Magnetic Grill and Magnetic Grid designs are available
  • Grills with Gauss values 5,500 and 8,500 also available
  • Medium and High-intensity Grills with Maximum operating temperature 200ᵒC also available
  • High-intensity Grill with Maximum operating temperature up to 350ᵒC also available with SMCO (Samarium Cobalt Magnet).
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