Energize to release Mini Electro Permanent Magnet

The Energise-to-Release Electromagnet is an electro-permanent concept - a solenoid (wound copper coil) within a high quality high permeability iron assembly for high clamping forces and low magnetic losses plus a magnet build into the assembly. The iron cylinder of the Energise-to-Release Electromagnet is of sturdy design with a bright nickel finish passivated with body mounting. An electropermanent magnet is a specialised magnetic assembly that combines a permanent magnet and an electromagnet

  • Ideal for access control, security or automation projects
  • High quality manufacture
  • Available as 24VDC or 240VAC versions
  • Strongest magnetic performance
  • Easy to apply, ideal for holding heavier items
  • Bright nickel plated with machined face
  • 80°C max operating temperature
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