Calibration Services

Since all magnetic assemblies are one kind of equipment which are separating ferrous particles from the Parent materials & it has various types as well. High, Medium & Low Intensities hence these systems are needed to calibrated every year just like your other instruments such as Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Drilling machine, cutting machine, milling machine, etc. We started the trend to calibrate the Magnetic System by measuring the Gauss Power of the Magnets. This is achieved by our NPL calibrated Gauss Meters.
Types of Calibration ON - Site Calibration - we ask our customer to send the Magnetic System at our Works in Mira Road, for checking the flux density. OFF - Site Calibration - our Qualified Engineer visits the Customer’s Plant where he performs checking of flux density of magnetic systems. It is generally advised in case of the big size of Magnetic systems.