Energize to Hold

Mini-Electro Magnets are the category of Magnets which get energized when electricity is applied to them according to the rating.
MAXIMA holding electromagnet are D C operated units, which when electric current passes in to the device, generate an electromagnetic field that can be employed for the purpose of holding or manipulating ferrous material.
• Standard Voltage 24 Volts D C (12 & 48 Volts D C available on request)
• Operating Time: 100%
• Blue Passivized Finishing.
• With free flexible lead ends. (With terminal box available on request)
• The max. Holding Forces listed relate to magnets operating at 90% of nominal working voltage and normal working temperature, holding work piece of optimum thickness having a good surface finish (manufactured in EN2 Material) which covers the full magnet holding face without air gaps (0mm). In cases where work piece materials, surface finish or profile differ, magnet hold force capability will be reduced.

• A centrally positioned tapped hole is provided for fixing the magnets. If more than one hole is required on different PCD, it must be observed that the depth of holes be less than dimension “ t2 ’’..
• The Adhesive force maybe of 5% of the magnetic force with a stroke of 0mm when device is de actuated. The external return force must be above this adhesive force with a sufficient safety margin. • Application: Material Handling Technology, Door Holding, Solenoid for short stroke, Machine Construction.

  • Machine tools
  • Door locking / holding
  • Actuators
  • Feeder mechanism, Short stroke / high force operation
  • Automation e.g. Textile machinery, Packaging machinery, Office machinery
  • Grill locking
  • Transformers
  • Remote hold / release
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