Precast Concrete Magnet

With the rapid development of the prefabricated construction industry, magnetic fixed products such as shuttering magnets have been fully applied in the production of precast concrete components. The magnetic block is directly embedded in the formwork, so it is more convenient, more efficient and more stable than the magnetic box. Through the adhesive force of the magnetic block, the formwork is in close contact with the template, so that the formed formwork system is fixed. The formwork system that needs to be formed is thus fixed. Since the steel formwork and the magnetic blocks are integrated, no positional movement occurs and the formwork system is not deformed. At the same time, the simple and quick operation of the magnets makes the whole work safer and more stable. With the matching pry bar, the formwork magnet can be picked up and the steel formwork can be easily removed from the template. Since the magnets are located inside the steel formwork groove, concrete residue or other dirt does not cause damage to the entire formwork system.

  • Easy to operate.
  • Use with wood or steel form-works.
  • Rugged, 100% duty cycle design and construction
  • Simple and exact positioning.
  • Adhesive force ranging from 450 Kg to 2100 Kg.
  • Avoid welding or bolting to the form-work table thus preserving surface finish.
  • Same magnet can be used for various application.
  • Integrated threaded holes to adapt form-work.
  • Adapters to be custom made.
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