Magnetic Roller Separator

Separating fine iron impurities is always a headache for a food as well as other material processing industries. It requires high power magnetic systems & cleaning these systems is also a time consuming process which makes it difficult where the process line can not be stopped frequently. The Roller magnetic separator is the ideal solution for such application. The magnetic roller develops 10000 Gauss value on its magnetic poles which enable it to trap & separate even very fine & feeble magnetic impurities. The self cleaning feature makes it preferable to use in continuous production processing lines. Roll separator available in one, two & three stages depending on the product type, flow rate & magnetic impurity percentage in the product.

  • Roller separator assembly consists of a Head magnetic roller, Tail non magnetic roller, motor, Belt, Feeder, Material collecting chutes & body structure.
  • The magnetic roller is made by using strong NdFeB magnets.
  • The magnetic & non magnetic rollers are connected by a conveyor belt on which the material is fed through the feeder.
  • The belt material is generally a Kevlar but depending on the material characteristics it can vary.
  • The feeder & other parts which come in contact with material are made up of S.S. & the structure is made up of M.S.
  • The chutes are provided below the magnetic roller to collect magnetic impurities & impure product separately.
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