Magnetic Pulley

Magnetic pulleys are ideal magnetic products used as head pulleys in belt conveyors. These pulleys offer superior removal of ferrous contamination like nails, spikes, nuts, bolts, cans, and wire from material conveyor with maintenance-free operation. Whatever your application is, a magnet is a low-cost way to remove that unwanted ferrous metal from your waste stream. They require very little maintenance and can last for years with proper care. We're one of the Magnetic Pulley Manufacturer in India.

  • The magnetic pulleys can be installed easily at conveyor discharge
  • They give complete magnetic protection over the entire face of the pulley for removing ferrous contaminants
  • For different conveyors the magnetic pulleys of different sizes are available
  • The pulleys either use ceramic magnets or powerful rare earth magnets
  • Flux density: 4500 ± 200 gauss
  • Attraction Distance: Up to 300mm / 12inches
  • Maximum operating temperature 80ᵒC
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